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College Works Painting, Branch Manager


Reviewed: 10/29/2013 at 1:33:49 pm


Location: San Jose, CA Compensation: Great Pay Hours Weekly: 45+


I learned and improved skills such as: leadership, professional communication, management, organization, time management, and problem solving. I learned how to find clients for my business, hire, train, and interview workers, and manage projects on a daily bases as well as managing my expenses and financials. The culture of this internship is like no other. Every one is so awesome and cool and just want to help you succeed in this internship and life in general.



Networking: Networking Star Rating Challenge: Challenge Star Rating
Real World Experience: Real World Experience Star Rating Importance of work: Importance of work Star Rating
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Tips for getting accepted to internship: Be determined


Employee HotnessFire Thumbnail: 4 / 5

Potential for a date Couple Thumbnail: 4 / 5




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