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College Works Painting, Senior District Manager


Reviewed: 12/1/2013 at 4:44:12 pm


Location: Emporia, KS Compensation: Average Pay Hours Weekly: 45+


You get experience in a lot of different areas of business. Management, Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting, and Finance. You'll get plenty of good communication and organizational experience as well. It's not every day that an internship like this comes around. Not many people can say that they ran an $80k business while going to college, so it really sets you apart from your peers in future job opportunities. Another big thing I learned with College Works is that Company Culture can strongly effect your business and is very important. I feel that College Works has a perfect company culture which makes it very enjoyable to work here.



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Tips for getting accepted to internship: Show up on time to all Interviews, talk to as many alumni as possible during the alumni call list


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